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RAINBOW CHEMICAL INDUSTRY LIMITED, locate in Zibo city,Shandong province, Which is special for chemical produce .

The main products we produce: Formic acid, calcium formate, sodium formate, methylene chloride, melamine powder, diisopropyl ether, aluminium sulphate, ect
Rainbow Chemical also have its own import lisence, and throught years effort, the products are export to Worldwide, such as USA, Brazil, Russia, Poland, Italy, Franch, Germany India, ect.
Now Our clients include Poland PPH stardard, USA, UMC ect

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Formic acid
Calcium formate
Sodium formate
Potassium formate
Liquid potassium formate
Adipic acid
Melamine powder
Diisopropyl Ether
Propylene Glycol industry grade
Propylene Glycol Pharma grade 
PVC Resin SG5
Caustic soda flake
soda ash light
Soda ash dense



  1. Calcium formate
  2. Potassium formate liquid 75%
  3. Cyclohexanone
  4. Maltodextrin
  5. Glacial Acetic Acid
  6. Oxalic acid
  7. PVC Resin K67 SG-5
  8. sodium formate